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Video mission agriculture and water Vietnam

Viet Nam Farmers' Union gets support of Dutch experts on drought and salinization

Dutch experts Gé van den Eertwegh (KnowH2O) and Peter Prins (LandWaterFood) visited Vietnam, invited by Viet Nam Farmers' Union (VNFU) to explore opportunities for collaboration on Water & Agriculture. The Dutch team has been to the regions Bac Lieu, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan. Climate change has a severe impact on agriculture. Drought and salinization threaten agricultural production. Resilient farming systems can be achieved by improving soils, accurate fertilization based on soil tests and an improved water management, at the farm level and at the regional level. Watch the video to get an impression.


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Strategic and Hands-on

Solving complex issues surrounding food production is like composing music. Working as a team of experts can make for a resounding success. This requires skill, a good plan and a clear goal. And natural affinity with farmers and other parties active in rural areas.

There are many factors that determine whether the crop in an agricultural area is successful. The dependence on the whims of the weather, the market and politics make food systems vulnerable. Climate change reinforces this effect. In this complex forum farmers are trying to find a way. Governments set the policy context, promote research and stimulate growth. That is easier said than done. Many plans are little more than pipe dreams. Land Water Food makes climate adaptation concrete and feasible. Soil, water and food systems are connected to an integrated and sustainable approach. Working on operational goals, an action perspective for farmers and other stakeholders. Land Water Food bridges the gap between policy and the agricultural reality. It brings together experts to work with you on an approach with impact! So, why not you?

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